$30.00 $22.00
Illusion Lace high-waist maternity brief offers unparalleled sensation of well-being and comfort at all stages of pregnancy. Made of ultra-stretch materials, Illusion Lace maternity brief perfectly adapts pregnant women’s morphology...
$69.00 $55.00
 Thanks to its floral print and its celadon and ivory colors, Aquarelle inspired freshness and femininity. Aquarelle combines a floral print to pastels colors to propose you a romantic line inspiring lightness and freshness. The refined lace in...
Leopard Black and Grey Push Up Bra Size 40C
Discontinued Items.  Full cup, Push up and Strapless.
$55.00 $45.00
Illusion Lace maternity and nursing bra offers utmost comfort at all stages of pregnancy and after by day and by night. Its lace effect embroidery integrated in the fabric gives the illusion of a second skin while bringing a subtle touch of seduction...