Getting Down To The Fact on Bras

Posted by A Perfect Silhouette On Jan 22nd 2016 In Blog, SEO

Recently I was asked by a new friend what is the "A Perfect Silhouette" back story... which I recalled instantly! I opened A Perfect Silhouette purely for selfish reasons. I was tired of finding bras and underwear that did not fit my body correctly I knew I couldn't be the only woman experiencing this is

Finding the right back style and fit can take research and going from store to store looking for that perfect fit. You may even need a different type of bra for a specific outfit. Review the below styles before you start your journey consider the various styles of bras:

Demi - A low cut style that enhances the cleavage and remains hidden when worn with low cut tops.

Strapless - A bra without straps, ideal for shoulder bearing tops and wedding gowns. Some bras may incorporate clear straps to serve a similar purpose.

Backless - A bra that uses adhesives in the cups or invisible backstraps, made for wearing with dresses or tops that have plunging back.

Underwire - A bra that uses rounded wires under the cups for support and lift.

NonWire - A bra that offers shaping without wire. Sometimes include lift panels within the side and bottom of the cup

Push Up - A padded bra that enhances the size of the breasts and the appearance of cleavage.

Front Closure - A type of closure in a bra that connects in the front, between the cups, instead of in the back.

Camisole - A cotton or stretch top with thin straps, often used as an undershirt and sometimes containing a built in shelf bra for support.

Cami Bra - A bra that exhibits features of both a camisole and a bra, offering the support of an underwire and the modest coverage of a camisole.

Sport - A bra designed to provide support during sports and fitness activities. These are usually made of cotton and elastic materials and are designed to stay in place and eliminate bounce.

Plus Size - Bras that come in a larger range of sizes than those typically available in stores. Can be found at A Perfect Silhouette. If we don’t have your size in stock we carry the vendors who can make you plus size dreams come true!

Do you constantly adjust the back of your bra by pulling it down - Sounds familiar, your br band is not the correct size.  When shopping for a great fit if your problem is fitting the cup, for most women they increase the band instead